Archive | July, 2009

Vick Unleashed

20 Jul

Michael Vick has been released from house arrest, and is a free man again. Let the dog pun headlines proceed!

Waste of Tweet

17 Jul

Dwayne Wade tweeted that he had some big news coming last night.  What was the news?  That he is switching shoe companies?!  I guess he needs to start lining up the millions of idiots who are going to waste money on his new shoes ASAP.

All Star Game

14 Jul

“This time, it counts”.  Who gives a shit!

The Key City

8 Jul

I am in Seattle for the weekend, and the only thing that I can think of is why there is an NBA team called the Thunder and not one called the Supersonics. This city needs a team.

All is Well

5 Jul

The day after we Americans celebrated our independence from the British, an American lost in a tennis title in England.  So all is right again in the universe.