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Awesomely Bad

30 Sep

“Any Given Sunday” is currently on AMC (which used to stand for American Cinema Classics) , and I love that this movie was trying so hard to be a serious, Oliver Stone-ey, look at football, but no matter how hard it tried, it just came out awesomely bad, or what I will refer to as “awesomely bad”.  I mean, look at this video:

But what I find so amazing about this movie, is the fact that A. Willie Beaman is allowed to say that he gets the “women creamin” in a commercial, or, B, the fact that he even gets a commercial after like only three starts.  Could you see Mark Sanchez rapping right now? (I actually would love to see it).

All in all, it’s a guilty pleasure sports movie.  Double it with the movie below, and you have a really great night of terrible acting, terrible uniforms, and “amazing victories” that you never think that the team is going to get.

NBA Training Camp

29 Sep

starts today.  That means we got, NFL, College Football, and soon the NBA.  Sorry baseball.  Maybe if you had a little more parity so there could actually be a pennant race, I would actually care.

Bruce Pearl

25 Sep

The head basketball coach at the University of Tennessee, Bruce Pearl, is in a little bit of trouble.  I am not quite sure that he should be apologizing for this comment, but judge for yourself:

“I’ve got a tough job. I’ve got to put these guys from different worlds together, right?” Pearl said. “I’ve got guys from Chicago, Detroit … I’m talking about the ‘hood! And I’ve got guys from Grainger County, where they wear the hood.”


Lamar Odom

23 Sep

The third best Laker is going to marry the third best Kardashian this weekend.

Evil Empire

23 Sep

Clinched a postseason birth.   Will this make me care about the MLB postseason?


22 Sep

So Miami has scored tonight using the Wildcat offense twice.  My beloved Fighting Irish used the Wildcat to score on Saturday.  It seems like every single team from Banning, CA to Portland, Maine is using the wildcat offense, and just to set the record straight, I don’t hate the Wildcat.  I actually really love the wildcat, and I love that it is actually working in the NFL, because God knows that league needs some spice.

I just wish that they called it something else, because when I think Football and the Wildcat, I think of one thing, and one thing only: the 1986 movie “Wildcats” starring Goldie Hawn, Woody Harrelson (pre-“White Men Can’t Jump”), Wesley Snipes (pre-“Money Train”), Nipsey Russell (pre-“Car 54 Where Are You”) and Mykelti Williamson (pre-shrimp boat).


Goldie Hawn plays the head football coach at Central High, the only school that will allow a woman to coach football, but get this, unheard of in a sports movie, Central High is the worst team in the league.  I wonder if Goldie can turn them into winners.  You will just have to rent the movie and find out for yourself, but below you there is a trailer as well as an amazing rap scene from the film.  Seriously.  A rap scene.


20 Sep

Chris Carter just said Drew Brees is the best THROWING quarterback in the league. Wow.