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Hallow’s Eve

31 Oct

To get you ready for the weekend:

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Because you won’t hear his name enough in the next 48 hours.

Thursday Night Lights

29 Oct

That’s right baby, it’s time for some UFL action tonight!  Actually they are playing right now.  It’s the New York Sentinels playing the California Redwoods.  Hurry, start watching.  There is nothing else on tonight, either in Sports or in great single camera comedies.


World Series…

28 Oct

starts tonight,and the big question on everyone’s mind is, “Who is going to be Mr. November?”

NBA Preview

28 Oct

NBA Action: It’s Fan-tastic.

So as if there wasn’t a ton of other stuff happening, the NBA season tips off tonight, and here are my predictions as to who is going to win each division, and who we think would be cool to win each division.  We gots some refs, now let’s do this:

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

Who Will Win: The Celtics

Garnett, Allen, Pierce, and now Sheed, have to have one more run in them, and this is going to be it.  Don’t think this team can keep rolling beyond this season, because their combined age is 4,765.

Who I Want to Win: The Nets

Now this isn’t because I lived in New Jersey for a year, and because I used to work for the Nets, but it’s because I would love for them to do well, so they can get the Brooklyn Arena approved and the Russian billionaire can take over the team.  And because I used to live in New Jersey, and I used to work for them.  Very solid franchise, and good people, but it is really going to be tough.

Central Division

Who Will Win: The Cavaliers

King James (although I have no idea what he is the King of) and Shaq have enough to win this division, especially since most of the teams in the division got marginally better.  Also, Delonte West is Rambo.

Who I Want to Win: The Pacers

They went crazy and drafted Tyler Hansbrough, to give them a total of six white guys on their team.  Does no one else think it is crazy, that INDIANA, where big white folk grow on trees, and where the greatest white guy to ever play, Larry Bird, runs the front office, is starting to fulfill their own stereotype?  I think it’s fun.  Also, Danny Granger might be the most underrated all-star in the league.

Southeast Division

Who Will Win: The Magic

Dwight Howard is a Jesus-powered beast, and Vinsanity while be a nice complement.  Plus, Matt Barnes and Brandon Bass are great pick ups.

Who I Want to Win: The Bobcats

I just like the color orange.  Plus, I really want to see that Franchise do well.   My fiance’s parents live in North Carolina, so maybe if I hype them up, I can get a free trip to see her parents while I go to Time Warner Cable Arena (yes they have the worst corporate sponsor).   It’s going to be hard with Raja Bell injured, and Tyson Chandler still asleep in New Orleans.  But don’t worry, Michael Jordan is in the front office.


Northwest Division

Who Will Win: The Trail Blazers

It’s two words.  Trail Blazers.  Lot of people make it one word.

Who I Want To Win: The Seattle Supersonics

Why the fuck is their a team in Oklahoma City?  Fuck you David Stern for allowing that sale to happen.  Epic Fail.  But for an actual team, I will say, The Thunder of Oklahoma City because they have orange in their uniforms, and Kevin Durant’s game is really nice.

Southwest Division

Who Will Win: The Spurs

Adding Richard Jefferson adds some youth to a team that is 5,987, 876 years old combined.  I think they will be strong and push the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals (oops gave away my conference predictions).

Who I Want to Win: The Mavericks

I just love Dirk, and I think that he deserves more than some of the playoff debacles he has been a part of.  It would be nice to see him rise above some of his relationship issues as well.  God his ex-girlfriend was KRAZY!

Pacific Division

Who Will Win: The Lakers

Who I Want To Win: The Lakers

I am a huge Lakers fan, so this is not a shocker, but I do think that there is no team in this division that comes even close.   Maybe the Clippers.


The Lakers will beat the Celtics in six games.  This is of course if the “Flash Forward” that Courtney B Vance character has on the show “Flash Forward”, in which he states that Kobe tears his ACL on April 29th, does not come true.  It better not Courtney.  Wipe that smile off your face.


Check back in June to see how I did!

Weekend Wrap Up

27 Oct

Okay, so some stuff happened over the weekend, and I wanted to give my take on it.

First, thank you to those who have been listening to the podcasts. The feedback has been really great, so if you haven’t heard them yet, click on the Podcast link, and check them out.

Now, on to actual sports stuff.

College Football

1. A really boring weekend.  No major upsets, and the really “great” SEC teams, Florida and Alabama, played okay.  Iowa is probably the most mediocre undefeated team, BYU got pounded again, and Oregon winning makes Boise State look better and better.

Oh, and my Fighting Irish beat Boston College for the first time in six years.

Professional Football

1. Brett Favre lost, but not his fault.  A holding call, which brought a touchdown back, and and interception that was the fault of the receiver cost them the game.   So now when the Prodigal Son returns to the “Bay” this week, he won’t be undefeated.

2. There was an Alex Smith sighting, and not just, “Hey, is that Alex Smith with that snappy hat on?”, but he was actually on the field, playing football, and playing well, prompting the inevitable discussion, “Is Alex Smith finally living up to his #1 pick status?”  My jury says, one game does not make a player.  Just ask you buddy across the Bay, Jamarcus Russell.

World Series

1. Everyone at ESPN and all of the East Coast Bias media outlets’ prayers have been answered as the Yankees are back in the Series, and they are playing a team two hours away, the Phillies.  For those of us in LA, whose teams both got eliminated, we are going to have to listen to the non-stop stories of how amazing baseball is on the East Coast.  Amazing fans, great drama, …oh, I just turned the channel.  The East Coast feed of Top Chef is on at 7pm.


There were no UFL games this weekend, but they will be back with a vengeance this coming week as the California Redwoods take on the New York Sentinels on Thursday night, and then the Las Vegas Locomotives take on the undefeated Florida Tuskers on Friday night.  BOOM!

Just look how pumped Las Vegas Locomotives Coach Jim Fassel is:


Podcast w/ Ian Gary

25 Oct

Starting to churn these out every week, so I now present a new episode of the Knuckle Sandwich podcast, with my guest, stand-up and current member of the Groundlings Sunday Company, Ian Gary


Knuckle Sandwich with Ian Gary

We’re on Twitter.

24 Oct

That’s right, just click on the widget on the front page that says twitter and it takes you there, or you can add us if you are on twittter, by going to @kscomedy.  Add us now!

For your UFL update, the Florida Tuskers, behind the play of Brooks Bollinger, beat the California Redwoods 34-7 last night to remain undefeated.  And the beat rolls on.Tuskers_Redwoods_2305_nf1

Here’s a Shocker

23 Oct

Frank McCourt fired his soon to be ex-wife as CEO of the Dodgers.  Did not see that one coming.

NFL back to Los Angeles?

21 Oct

Tomorrow, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to sign a bill, that would allow Majestic Realty to break ground on a 75,000 seat stadium, in the luxurious City of Industry.  Being a former Los Angeles Rams season ticket holder, I would love to see football back in LA, but as a former Los Angeles Rams season ticket holder, I do not want to see the St. Louis Rams come back.  Or the Raiders for that matter.  Can someone say the Los Angeles Jaguars?


Hey Tulsa?

21 Oct

Did you know that you were given a WNBA team today?  Yeah, the team from Detroit is moving there.  Are you “Shock”-ed?

At least someone's excited

At least someone's excited