Podcast with Josh Covitt and Anthony Alabi

10 Apr

The NFL draft is a few weeks away, so I am happy to say that we have our first professional athlete on the podcast, former NFL player, Anthony Alabi. Here is Anthony’s wikipedia page, so you can get his bio. Anthony is friend of Josh Covitt, a returning guest, and member of the UCB Maude Team, Kirkland’s Signature, so it’s also the first threesome on the podcast. And yeah, I mean threesome.

Download it from, Itunes here:

Knuckle Sandwich with Josh Covitt and Anthony Alabi

Don’t have Itunes? Well, if not you can click on the Podcast page, and all past podcasts are archived there.

One Response to “Podcast with Josh Covitt and Anthony Alabi”

  1. The Hassle at 10:22 am #

    This was some good stuff. I loved Anthony’s stories about the combine and his experience in the NFL. Hey, tomorrow is April 15th, so does that mean that all NFL players are going to be toking up on Friday? Good timing as 4/20 is right around the corner.

    Mr. Stevenson, how about some NHL predictions? Who’s going to win the West? The East? The Cup?

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