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The “Lost” Starting 5

24 May

So “Lost” came to an end last night, and I fall into the camp that really enjoyed the ending.  Some mysteries were solved, some weren’t, and the show gave a really nice send off as it reunited some of our favorite characters.  Seriously amazing television.  Lost in all of the “Lost” is the NBA playoffs, which got a little bit exciting when the Los Angeles Lakers lost (pun intended) to the Phoenix Suns yesterday, making that series a little interesting.  What I thought I would do is merge two of my favorite things, Basketball and “Lost”, and pose the question:  If you were to field a basketball team using the people from “Lost”, what position would they play?

I think it goes without saying that the team would be a defensive powerhouse, with three good defenders in Jacob, Jack, and Hurley, as they all made major sacrifices to protect the basket (the light).  Also, with the Man In Black, or Locke in Black, you have some serious speed to get out and run the fast break.  So all this being said, how would the team break down?


Your point guard is your leader.  He is the one who runs the team, and he is the one who everybody looks to in times of distress.  If you look at all of the great current point guards (Deron Williams, Rajon Rando, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd), they all are the engine that make their teams go, and the survivors of Oceanic 815 would be nowhere without Jack.  At the same time, he has never been hesitant to shoot either, or get physical if the time calls for it (just ask Benjamin Linus)


James Ford was another choice here, but after seeing the finale, I have to put Kate here, because what makes a good shooting guard: the willingness to take the big shot.  Look at players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.  They want the opportunity to take and make the big shot when given the chance, and boy did Kate make a pretty big shot in the finale.  After missing a ton of bricks earlier in the episode, Kate when on to connect on the most pivotal shot in the game, the one that killed Locke in Black.  She saw it, and she took it.  That’s what you want from your shooting guard: the killer instinct.  Well, done freckles.


I put the Man In Black here, because what makes a good small forward.  Someone who can do a little bit of everything: shoot, rebound, run the break, defend.  Now you here that, and you think, well that should be Jacob, right?  But here is why I want the MiB: you want your small forward to be a little nasty.  Look at a guy like Lebron James.  He can do everything, but he can also just demoralize people, with nasty dunks and come from behind blocks.  You don’t think the mother fucking smoke monster won’t hesitate to dunk on fools, and send their shots to the rafters if need be?  No question.  Just pray he doesn’t kill anyone.


Now, I know he doesn’t have the size to play the position, but neither did Charles Barkley.  So why Sayid?  Well, what does a dominant power forward have: versatility.  You look at Pau Gasol, and he can post you up, he can turn and face and dribble around you, he can pass, he can shoot the outside jumper.  Basically, he looks like he can only play one way, but he actually has a huge skill set.  Enter: Sayid.  He has the ability to have the finesse game and make a shot with pinpoint accuracy, he possesses communication skills, he can do the dirty work that no one else wants (ala Barkley or Dennis Rodman), yet at the same time, he has the power to lift his teammates up.  He was the one person on the show who showed pure good and pure evil.  That’s versatility.


Hurley, or Eko are the obvious choices here because of their size, but what makes a good center?  A good center should be the last line of defense when it comes to protecting your basket, and Jacob defended his basket for like thousands of years, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that no one is going to be scoring with Jacob defending.  He may be a liability on the offensive end, but Jacob did have an uncanny ability to be everywhere at once, so I think he may be able to find some wholes in the opponent’s defense, which could lead to some easy buckets.

So that is my starting five.  First guy off the bench is Sawyer, because like Lamar Odom or Manu Ginoboli, he’s your X-Factor, you never know what you are going to get with him, but he sure is fun to watch.  The other people who would get playing time are Desmond (he’s constant), Hurley (size), and Eko (size, but can dis appear at times).

Well, I answered that burning question.  You’re welcome “Lost” fans!

Podcast with Brandon Sornberger

15 May

All new podcast with Brandon Sornberger. Brandon can be see Mondays (The Armando Show) and Tuesdays (Powerhouse) at the IO West, and can be seen as an alien in Date a Human.

Download it from, Itunes here:

Knuckle Sandwich with Brandon Sornberger

Don’t have Itunes? Well, if not you can click on the Podcast page, and all past podcasts are archived there.


12 May

So the sky is falling in the city of Cleveland. Oh hey, I am back in the states. New podcast coming on Friday. Anyways, the sky is falling in Cleveland as the Cavaliers lost to the Boston Celtics, and Lebron James had one of the worst playoff performances of his career. Now the Cavs could definitely come back and win this series, but people are starting to question whether Lebron will stay in Cleveland, and has this blogger question the whole reason why he is called King James.

True someday, Lebron could win a ton of titles and be the greatest player to ever play the game, but shouldn’t he be crowned the King after he has proven it. As of now he has no Kingdom, and a resume similar to Steve Nash’s (two MYVP’s, no rings), yet we don’t call Nash, King Nash. So what makes a king? Here are some of my ideas:

1. King Arthur

Accomplishments: Round Table, led the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early sixth century, the lady of the lake, Excalibur,  Awesomely depicted in such films as “The Sword and the Stone”, “Excalibur”, and  “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

I mean the man defined the word King:

2. King Tut

Accomplishments: the fucking pyramids, worshiped as a god, ten year rule over Egypt

Oh, and he became King at age 9, so there’s that.

3. Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago

Accomplishments: Became the king of Sausages in a city that brushes their teeth with them, gets into the finest restaurants, dates Sloan Petersen, mad skills with a multi-line phone system.

4. Burger King

Accomplishments: profits are up in a weakened economy, kept millions of college students fed for over 50 years, gave the world “where’s the Beef”, and now makes the creepiest commercials ever:

5. Stacey King

Accomplishments: won three NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, played roughly five season in the NBA.