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Weekend Wrap-Up

15 Dec

I didn’t do one of these last week, as I recorded a podcast on Sunday, and didn’t want it to get lost in my madness, but we are back in business this week.  It was the first weekend without College Football, which means we are inching closer to bowl season, and man I cannot wait for the Little Caesar’s Bowl.  Seriously.  Pizza, Pizza.

In the meantime, here is what happened, in my eyes.


1.There is one piece of college football news, they handed out the Heisman trophy over the weekend to Alabama running back Mark Ingram, the 5th best rusher (in terms of yards) in the nation while, the top rusher in the country, Toby Gerhart, did not.  Explain this two me: Gerhart had 200 more rushing yards than Ingram, and 11 more touchdowns, and had no bad games this season, so how does he lose?

Fuck the SEC.


1. The Colts and the Saints continue to stay unbeaten, so you know what that means, it means we are getting some serious talk of the first unbeaten team in since the 1972 Dolphins, which also means the craziest man from that Dolphins team, Mercury Morris is going to start getting crazy.  Check out this clip from the last time a team almost went undefeated:

2. Bruce Gradkowski, QB for the Raiders, went down to injury, which means we saw the return of the worst quarterback in the league Jamarcus Russell.  Did that time on the bench have any effect on him?  Well, he was 10/16 for 74 yards and a pick, so I would say, no.


1. Sixers are 0-3 with Allen Iverson in the line-up.  I don’t know who is more overrated in Philly, Iverson or Elton Brand.

2. Rudy Gay dropped 41 on the Heat last night, and the Grizzlies are now 5-1 in the month of December.  Yes, you heard me, the Grizzlies are 5-1, they are routing teams, and there has been a Zack Randolph sighting as well.  This again proving that dropping the player from #1, was a pretty good idea.


1.  John Wall is a stud.  Period.  Exclamation point.  Comma.  Colon.  Semi-Colon.  Any possible piece of punctuation.

2. #20 Butler beat #15Ohio State, on their home floor, which if you don’t know is the court from the movie Hoosiers.  Some would say that this upset, was very similar to this, which was one of the best slow-claps in film history (sorry Kyle):