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Weekend Wrap-Up

22 Dec

Hi, it was another weekend in sports, and in the world, because there is more to life that sports and the movie “Avatar”, although that is what a made up most of my weekend.  That and my fiance making me watch “Home For the Holidays”.  I digress.  A lot happened, so let’s get to it.


1.  After a brief hiatus, college football is back, as bowl season kicked off, pun intended.  This weekend we saw such mighty bowls as the New Mexico Bowl (Fresno State vs. Wyoming), the St. Petersberg Bowl (Rutgers vs. Central Florida), and the R-L Carriers New Orleans Bowl (Southern Mississippi vs. Middle Tennessee State).  The New Mexico Bowl was actually quite exciting, and I actually picked all three games so a great week for me.

2.  Villanova beat Montana for their first FCS title in school history.  First of all, fuck this idea of the FCS, and FBS, and BCS.  Fuck it.  The great thing about Villanova’s National Championship is that they won it outright, because they won the tournament.  Period.  No Computer.  No BS school Presidents.  They just played football.  Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.


1. The Saints lost to the Cowboys on Saturday night, and so they are no longer undefeated.  Mercury Morris can breathe a little easier, HOWEVER, the Colts won, and are still undefeated, however they will most likely rest their starters next week.  That means we are going to see a lot of Curtis Painter.  Who is Curtis Painter?  Exactly.

2. Jamarcus Russell actually did something good.  He was the back-up behind Charlie Frye, formerly the 3rd string quarterback, meaning the 1st string quarterback, Bruce Gradkowski was injured, and they still chose not to start Jamarcus.  However, Charlie Frye got hurt at the start of the 4th quarter, and in comes Jamarcus, who threw a game winning touchdown pass with :39 seconds to go.  Don’t worry, I am sure 3rd string quarterback JP Losman will start this week.


1. The Sacramento Kings continue to be the surprise team of the NBA, and their surprise rookie, Tyreke Evans, played against the other surprise rookie, Brandon Jennings, of the Milwaukee Bucks.  Who won?  The Kings and Evans.  Kid is pretty smooth.  Just check out the Freestyle he does with Jason Thompson and Donte Green.  Man it must be boring in Sac-Town.

2. The Lakers finished a five game road trip, 4-1, with four straight wins versus okay Eastern Conference teams (Pistons, Nets, Bucks, and Bulls).  So we know their good, but they still don’t have a good road test.  But now, who cares, they look pretty damn good.


1.  By far the most absurd sporting event of the weekend was Texas vs. North Carolina in the brand new Texas Stadium.  This place is too big for Football, so imagine how ridiculous it looked for basketball.  I mean, seriously, seriously.

It’s like paying money to go to the arena, and then watching a basketball on a giant TV.  How is that worth it?

2. Duke beat Gonzaga 76-41 on Saturday at Madison Square Garden.  Yes, you read that right. 76-41.  Matt Santangelo is rolling over in his money management firm that he runs in Spokane.