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Weekend Wrap-Up

30 Nov

There is a lot to talk about as the College Football regular season winds down, the College Basketball season ramps up, and the paid players keep plugging along.  Let’s jump in:


1. To those who actually followed my live postings, I was at the Notre Dame/Stanford game, and I can say that by being at the game, I saw two major feats.  I may have seen Toby Gerhart win the Heisman Trophy, but I did see Charlie Weis lose his job.  It’s unfair to say that Charlie left the program in shambles, he just didn’t make them better than they were before.

That being said, seeing my Aunt get thrown up 38 times after Notre Dame’s final touchdown was pretty amazing:

2. Alabama and Florida both won their rivalry games, against Auburn and Florida State respectively, so now they will meet this weekend for the SEC championship, in a game I am calling, “The Game Where I Hope Somehow Both Teams Lose Bowl”.  I’m just sayin’ it’d be nice to see TCU play for BCS Championship.


1. The Indianapolis Colts remain undefeated after leading the Texans to believe they might be able to pull the upset.  Memo to Andre Johnson: you gotta catch the ball dawg.

2. Brett Favre, Brett Favre, Brett Favre.  The man has lead his team to a 10-1 record, and has only thrown four interceptions.  FOUR.  He is playing out of his mind, out of his body, in fact he may be possessed.  That being said, Brett, or whatever Demon inhabits him (hopefully not the one in “Paranormal Activity” because that movie sucked) will now play until he is 64 for the Los Angeles Vikings.


1. Tourney Time!  No not THE tourney, but the pre-season tourneys, and there were some good ones.  The big question out of the weekend is what is up with UCLA?  Yes, you lost some people to injuries and what not, but you can’t beat Fullerton, barely beat Cal State Bakersfield, and lose to Portland.  UCLA would have a hard time competing in the Big West, and believe me, I know the Big West, as my beloved Cal Poly Mustangs started the season 0-5.

2. Roy Williams defeated Nevada to achieve his 600th win as a collegiate coach, as the Tarheels defeated the Wolfpack of University of Nevada-Reno.  The irony here is that Williams, a lover of all things gambling related, as he admitted to going to the casinos in Detroit (really?) during the past NCAA tournament, reaches his milestone against a city that is known for its gambling.  Do you think he had any money on the game?


1. Brandon Jennings has come down to Earth a little bit as the Bucks have lost four in a row, and he only averaged 14 points a game during that stretch.  It’s too soon to say that he is not the real deal, but then again, it was  probably too soon to say that he was so…

2. The New Jersey Nets fired Lawrence Frank last night, and then when on to lose vs. the Los Angeles Lakers, bringing their start to the season 0-17.  I guess you have to blame someone for this because you can’t fire players.  You need them to actually play the games, and if you have seen the Nets play, they barely have enough bodies to field a team.  So I love Coach Frank, but he had to go.  He is currently counting his money with Charlie Weis.


The league Championship went to the Las Vegas Locomotives as the pulled the upset, beating the undefeated Florida Tuskers 20-17.  In overtime.  So it’s true, Jim Fassel can win a championship.

It was an exciting and sad day, as we have to wait a year for the six game league to come back next year, but when it does…it will be in LA.  BOOM!